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The diagnosis of MS has a huge impact on a person, as well as their family. Cookstown Multiple Sclerosis was established to create a locally based support structure for people with MS, their families and their carers.
We assist individuals and their families through weekly meetings where members can support each other, discussing difficulties and finding solutions from the experience of others who may have encountered these problems previously. We also have a qualified counsellor.
We offer provide various therapies to members of our group.
Tai Chi T'ai chi may be done individually or in groups. A high level of strength and flexibility are not required because it is based largely on technique. T'ai chi consists of slow, rhythmic body movements. The arms are moved slowly and smoothly in circular movements while weight is shifted from one leg to the other and specific breathing techniques are used. more on our Tai Chi sessions
Reflexology Not only can specific presented MS problems be approached through massage and stimulation, but this holistic therapy assists with the emotional unease that accompanies any imbalance within the body. more on our reflexology sessions
Bi-aura Bi-aura practitioners use their enhanced energy sensitivity to scan the energy field surrounding the body to detect blockages and imbalances affecting the health and vitality of the physical body. We have experienced some very good results from Bi-aura. more on our bi-aura sessions
Oxygen Some members of the group have now tried out the new Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, which may have therapeutic benefits for individuals with M.S. more on the results of our oxygen treatments.
Indian Head Massage Indian Head Massage is a therapy whereby the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face are massaged. Benefits include ease of tense and knotted muscles in back, shoulder and neck area and improvement in circulation. It is a versatile therapy as all that is required is a chair and clients do not need to undress so it is particularly suitable for people with Multiple Sclerosis. more